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Seating At The Auditorium

Auditorium Seating Overview

Much more information about seating and access are on the way. Take a closer look at our seating plans by clicking on any of the drawings below. There are two passenger elevators located within the City Hall lobby that will take you to the Balcony level of the Auditorium.
Please Note: When Looking At The Stage, The Even Numbered Seats Are On The Right and Odd Numbered Seats Are On The Left
SpacerFloor Seating Specifics
SpacerBalcony Seating Specifics
SpacerFloor Seating Capacity: 1256
SpacerBalcony Seating Capacity: 827

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Please note all our seats are divided up into sections with odd numbered seats in the left sections and even numbered seats in the right sections. If, for example, you purchased seats G 1,3, 5, 7, they are all next to each other, in the left part of the Auditorium as you walk in. If you purchased seats F, 12, 14,16, 18, they are also all next to each other but in the right part of the auditorium as you walk in.